måndag 14 september 2009

Stephen Hawkings is dead

Hello all!

This blog is dead. But we have a new better one together with lots of nice Malmö folks. So head on over to PREJKA

tisdag 14 juli 2009

Locomotiv GT - Ringasd el magad ll

This nice track will be the last for a while. Everyone deserves a holiday and so do we. But don't worry, we'll be back soon.

Have a nice summer!

måndag 29 juni 2009

fredag 26 juni 2009

Träd gräs och stenar - sommardisco

A great track of Träd gräs stenars latest album "hemlösa katter".

But it here

tisdag 23 juni 2009

Guest mix - Josefina Biderholt - Dora mix

Last week we recieved a mix from our friend Josefina. A fine mix indeed. Dark disco at it's best!

If you want, I'll ask her for a playlist


måndag 22 juni 2009

Frida Hyvönen - Birds

Our friend Jonas Grönlund over att OH Baby played this one to me not to long ago. Great track and slightly discoisch. Graziaz Jonas!


onsdag 17 juni 2009

Bob Hund - Fantastiskt revK edit

This is post nr 500! Hurray!

Here's an edit I did on a Bob Hund track a while back. Just some minor adjustments. Lugnet records will also release an official version on the B side of the Fantastiskt 12". Should hit the stores in a while.

320 kbs

tisdag 16 juni 2009

VED - Din egen spegelbild

Another spanking new track from favourite VED


måndag 15 juni 2009

Stephen Hawkings på Debaser Ons 17/6


På onsdag 17/6 är det återigen dags för Stephen Hawkings att inta Debaser och ta hand om de positiva känslor som sommarn för med sig. Stephen är glad och kommer stundtals lämna mörker för ljus & shoom. Uteserveringen kommer vara vår trädgård & andningshål där toner av folkpop, baleariska rytmer, jazz & psykedelia värmer tillsammans med närheten till andra människor. Efter midnatt börjar det pulsera i det svarta hålet  av new-beat, disco, kraut & acid-house. Folk i tygskor som äter frukt, dansar, skakar & tar på varandra. Som vanligt grävs skivorna fram utav Harry White, RevK & Emil Broomé som avser att skapa nåt mer, helt enkelt kärleksfullt highlife!

Hoppas vi ses där!

Stephen Hawkings
Debaser, Norra parkgatan 2
Gratis innan 22, 40 kr efter

Jah wobble - Solitude

From his kind of new album chinese dub. Good stuff

onsdag 10 juni 2009

Forest & Crispian - Benazir

Here's a great track from local Malmö band Forest & Crispian. We like their folky out there sound and their great rythms. This track is from their album "Modest sensation"

Check it out here

söndag 7 juni 2009

Walpurgisnach party - The film

valborg from johan sundell on Vimeo.

Here's a film from our Walpurgisnacht party not to long ago. It is filmed and edited by Johan Sundell and with music from Tiaz (Lugnet records)

Thanks everyone who came and made this a such a great night! And everyone involved. Graziaz!

söndag 31 maj 2009

Lugnet records mixtape - Det härstamar hemmifrån

Emil and Tiaz has a new mixtape up at Cosmicdisco. So we suggest you head over there and have a listen and read what they have to say, or just download it HERE

onsdag 27 maj 2009

Guest blogger - Arvid Holm - Disco Nurd

During a week now we have a guest blogger. Local dj and friend Arvid Holm. When he is skipping down the street, it really is absurd, he hears the people scream DISCO NURD! :-)


måndag 25 maj 2009

VED - Gershwin's pipe

Oh what a Monday. We have a spanking new and exclusive VED track for you! And this one os just as beautiful as the others. So enjoy! Mattias Nihlén, you are a genious!


fredag 22 maj 2009

chango - the last ride/meeting of the gods

Changos was a tribe of native South Americans who appear to have originally inhabited the Peruvian coast and spread south to the coast of Atacama, in northern Chile and further south. They lived from fishing, gathering shellfish, and hunting sea lions. In former times they used rafts of inflated sealskins, lived in sealskin huts, and slept on heaps of dried seaweed.

This on the other hand is a santana ish kind of band, with some great material like the songs below.

onsdag 20 maj 2009

Lugnet - Gyllene snittet

Here's a new one from local edit heroes and co bloggers Lugnet records. This time it's a local punk band that been edited. I like this a lot, and I especially like that they are digging were they are standing. In the so bördiga skånska myllan.


and the beautiful picture is from Johan sundell. Also a local hero. Check him out here

tisdag 19 maj 2009

osamu - purple hills and crystal steams

So here it is. A nice balearic ethno jazz fusion track from Osamu. A great find from co stephen hawkings fellow Emil. Graziaz!

måndag 18 maj 2009

rose royce - sunrise

Here's a great track of the car wash soundtrack. This works well in a sunrise as the title suggests and on a monday morning. Balearic soft disco... mjau

måndag 11 maj 2009

esther ofarim and abraham - that's my song

Another week. This will be a nice one. Tonight we have a jean michell jarre concert, and then I'm of to barcelona a few days. I'll hopefuly return with some new music for the blog...

But today we keep it soft.

fredag 8 maj 2009

Martin Circus - Disco Circus

I haven't really got that much new records lately so I've been diggin in the archives for some nice classic tracks.
And this is one of those old classic tracks I used to play when I played disco disco. Sort of started to play this one again, but nowdays from the psycedellic break. Does miracles for the dancefloor.


torsdag 7 maj 2009

Santa esmeralda - Just give me some of your loving

A nice rockflamencodisco thing here from the B side of Santa Esmeraldas House of the rising sun 12".

måndag 4 maj 2009


A big thanks to everyone who turned up on thursday for the Walpurgisnacht party. A big thanks to Richard Norris. Nice to see you again! I hope you had just as a wonderful time as we did. Lot's of dance, concerts, love tipis, eggs, fire and costumes.


tisdag 28 april 2009

Vidderna - Dubbelliv

When I opened my inbox today we had this little nugget from Vidderna. A local malmö based duo consisting of Markus Clemmedson & Niklas Tjäder. Lovely stuff and nice vocals from Markus. A bit reminiscent of Black Sabbath but actually a sample from Hoola Bandoola band. Also a local prog rock band but from the 70's. So very much localy produced, recycled and fairly ecological.



måndag 27 april 2009

Stephen Hawkings Walpurgisnacht på Babel Tors 30/4


På Valborg, dvs Torsdagen den 30/4 presenterar Klubb Kristallen och Stephen Hawkings Walpurgisnacht - en fullspäckad natt på Babel med onda ritualer och massvis med intryck.

Richard Norris från Beyond the wizards sleeve kommer och hälsar på från det ockulta landet England. Hans svarta väska är full av psykedeliska danslåtar och nya remixer.

Lokala krautrockhjältarna Cassetto spelar musik för raksträckor i
mörker. Fjorton synthar, en automatiserad trummis och mullrande bas.

Skampålen spelar live och kombinerar konserten med en ond performance på temat walpurgisnacht.

Galleri Loyal visar filmerna "The Black Sabbath Movie" sammansat och producerad av Christy Karacas. I filmen har 40 konstnärer gjort var sin 1-minut lång video till den 40 minuter långa skivan Paranoid, samt filmen Best off med Woop Dee Doo.

Lokalen pyntas och förmörkas i sann Kristallen-anda för hednisk och
hypnotisk dans & tipis ställs upp för alla disco-indianer.

Självklart varvas allt detta med hypnotisk dansmusik från Kristallen och Stephen Hawkings.

Vi föreslår att du kommer tidigt så du kan ta del av hela härligheten.

Stephen Hawkings & Klubb Kristallen presenterar:
Tors 30/4
50 kr innan 24, 80 kr efter.



Lyssna på BTWS mix här:


fredag 24 april 2009

Julie Felix - Oh to hold you in my arms

Friday again. Really nice and warm weather here in malmö. About 15 ° I would say. And with weather like that the music becomes more acoustic, hippy & happy. Just like me, except for the acoustic part.

torsdag 23 april 2009

Dr Drek - Rush Moon

Here's a nice track of a 7" I got quite a while back in 2005 I guess. Sort of music for a very very straight country road. From the label Earsugar. Great label!

tisdag 21 april 2009

Guest mix - Arvid Holm - Bomba Tropical

Mmmm, we recieved a spanking new mix from Arvid Holm today. So here it is. Lovely stuff as always. For you in the Malmö region revK and Arvid will be playing saturday 25/4 at Kontrapunkt party #2 It will for sure be a good evening. VED will also be playing live among many bands.

måndag 20 april 2009

Stephen Hawking hospitalized

Holy crap! Stephen Hawking is reported very ill and has been hospitalized. But do not worry. We will keep posting great music and the walpurgisnacht party will go on as planned.

More on the story here

fredag 17 april 2009


Congratulations planet earth! We recieved a new track from our local hero VED or Mathias Nihlén as he's called. This is just amazing stuff. Can't get enough! Hypnotic, weird, beautiful and monotone.


torsdag 16 april 2009

Supermax - Ganja generation

Massive reggae rock tune from our rockdisco germans.

onsdag 15 april 2009

P.I.L - Order of death

A friend of mine posted this video on the myfacebook yesterday and I instantly remembered how great this track is. So this morning I dusted it of and ripped it. So if this is what you want, this is what you get.

Graziaz Natalie for reminding me!

fredag 10 april 2009

tisdag 7 april 2009

Stephen Hawkings Mixtape: Krokus

Hola que tal donde est da?

Here's a new mix from us. Sort of spring mix in three parts, from Spain, through the desert and all the way to St Tropez. Nice one!



Stephen Hawkings - Krokus playlist

Carmen - Reprise - Final
Helen Thomas - Survivor (gypsy mix)
Al Stewart - Ivich
Kevin Ayers - The one chance dance
Pharao Sanders - Kazuko (peace child)
Turiya Alice Coltrane & Devadip Carlos Santana - Angels of air
John Cameron - Sahara Sunrise
Steve Tibbetts - Climbing
Sebastian Argol - Horsemen in the wind
Holger Czukay - Persian love
Dan Lissvik - A1
Greg Fitzpatric - Att ge och att ta
Pink Floyd - St Tropez
Mudd - Summer in the woods

fredag 3 april 2009

david sylvian - the stigma of childhood

Pretty pretentious title but a sweet song by David Sylvian. Thank God it's friday!

onsdag 1 april 2009

Madelaine Chartrand Ani Kuni

Ohhh, got this in the mail yesterday. Finally! One of the greatest tracks ever...

måndag 30 mars 2009


There was a great jazz concert on swedish television a few days ago. Bohuslän big band with Avishai Cohen. You should have a listen: HERE The language is swedish, but the music is international.


Kevin Ayers - The one chance dance

I don't really know what this is, something late 60's I suppose. I got it on saturday and I really like this song. I guess all these soft guitars songs that we started to post again must be a sign of spring. It's almost time to take out and dust off the balearic again...

torsdag 26 mars 2009

Made in Sweden - Saucery

Awesome Swedish progrockjazzfusion. Some more info on them HERE (in swedish)

Al Stewart - Ivich

This album I acctually found at my parents house. Al Stewarts first and a really nice song!

måndag 23 mars 2009

revK mix

revK has a new mix up at local malmö music blog "samtidig i malmö". It's a slow one this time, so head on over and listen.


The Edge - One foot in heaven

Yes, it's that the edge! The one from U2. This is of a soundtrack he did for a film called Captive. Soo good. Why can't he do more of this stuff and less of the U2 stuff...