torsdag 31 januari 2008

Fashion music

Here's a very long post... It's the list of music played at the runways in Paris for the Spring/Summer 2008 shows. It looks quite good actually, some nice tracks in there, and it's always fun to see what these Fashion people think is cool at the moment...They sure like M.I.A.

I have put in a couple of links where you can listen to the music.

Thanks to the always interesting agenda inc blog/site. Check them out here



Heroes • Nico


Claire De Lune (Remix)
Love Is A Battlefield • Pat Benetar
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence • Ryuichi Sakamoto
Purple Rose Minuet • Susumu Yokota
When Under Ether • PJ Harvey
Yeah Yeah • Bodyrox


Contact • Edwin Starr
Play Me • Neil Diamond
Supernature • Cerrone


Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy • The Andrews Sisters
Cherchez La Femme • Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band
Dashboard • Modest Mouse
If Looks Could Kill • Camera Obscura
J Dilla • Lightworks
Kids Just Wanna Have Fun • The Legends
Love Is Coming Back • John Phillips


Storm • Vanessa Mae / Vivaldi


Lovestoned • Justin Timberlake


Marry Happy • Kate Nash
Mouthwash • Kate Nash
Play • Kate Nash
We Get on • Kate Nash


Child In Time • Deep Purple
I Put A Spell On You • Creedence Clearwater
You Do Something To Me • Paul Weller


Running To The Ghost • James Blackshaw Square
Teardrop • Massive Attack

Music here


Eurovision • Lovekevins (from malmø)
My Moon, My Man • Feist
Tonight I Have To Leave It • Shout Out Louds


Crosstown Traffic • Jimmy Hendrix
Black Dog • Led Zeppelin


Running Up That Hill • The Chromatics


Be My Baby • The Ronettes
Melody Day • Caribou
The Last Time • Andrew Oldham Orchestra / The Rolling Stones


Bucky Done Gun • M.I.A
Jimmy • M.I.A
Miss Broadway • Glass Candy


Law Of Life • Farah
Miss Broadway • Glass Candy
Wild Thing • The Troggs


Gotta Work • Amerie
Shut Up & Drive • Rihanna
Umbrella • Rihanna


Come Around • Timbaland ft. M•I•A
Damn Girl • Kid Sister
Fancy Footwork • Chromeo
Lovestoned (Remix) • Justin Timberlake
Overpowered • Róisín Murphy


100 Different Ways • Girls Aloud
Anytime You Like • Robyn
Englishman In New York • Sting


Don’t Stop The Music • Rihanna
Mamakossa • Back To Basics ft. KFT
Under My Thumb • The Rolling Stones


Inside & Out • Feist


Heartbeats • The Knife


Heart of Glass • Blondie
Keys To The City • The Go! Team
Love Cats • The Cure
Overpowered • Róisín Murphy
Psycho: Prelude • Bernard Herrmann


Ever So Lonely (Dance Remix) • Sheila Chandra
Ever So Lonely • Sheila Chandra
Mathar (Dawson’s Dub) • Indian Vibes
Mishra Dub 5 • TJ Rehmi
Mother Tongue • Dead Can Dance
Sacred Stones • Sheila Chandra
Speaking In Tongues III • Sheila Chandra

Music here


Bullets • Tunng
Close To Me • The Cure
Heart It Races • Architecture In Helsinki


Get This Party Started • Shirley Bassey
I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby • G-Swing ft. The Cotton Kids
Kiss (White Label) • Gloster
On Broadway • Mighty Yo
Sex Bomb • Max Raabe
What A Wonderful World • Louis Armstrong


Tears Dry On Their Own (Al Usher Mix) • Amy Winehouse


Two Of Us • Supermayer


Boyz • M.I.A
Fog Bound • Klaus Badelt
Hussel • M.I.A
Kings Of The Wild Frontier • Adam And The Ants
Up Is Down • Hanz Zimmer


Here Comes The Rain Again (Future Of Vision Remix) • The Eurythmics
How Will I Know (Remix) • Whitney Houston
I Feel For You • Bob Sinclair
Jack You Off • Robyn
Tears Dry On their Own (Al Usher Remix) • Amy Winehouse


Get Innocuous • LCD Soundsystem
Prince Harry • Soho Dolls
The Boys • Dragonette

Music here


Baby Let Me Kiss You • Fern Kinney
Cool In The Pool • Holger Czukay
Decollage • The Honeymoon Killers
Steam Away • The Flying Lizzards
Sunset Laser • Cheval Fou

Music here


Fireworks • Siouxsie and the Banshees


Lex • Ratatat
Stronger • Kanye West
Technologic • Daft Punk
Touch It • Busta Rhymes


Gronlandic • Of Montreal


Bolero • Ravel


Control (Dirty) • Kid Sister
I Don't Love You • White Trash
Ice Cream (The Hooks Remix) • New Young Pony Club
Kid’s Stuff (Pt. 1) • Aaron LaCrate
You Could Easily Have Me • Metronomy




Beware • Ann Peebles
Come To Mama • Ann Peebles
Doctor Love Power • Ann Peebles
I Can’t Stand The Rain • Ann Peebles
It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World • James Brown


Grace Kelly • Mika
I Don't Feeling Like Dancin’ • Scissor Sisters
Love Today • Mika
Xanadu • Olivia Newton-John


It's A Man's World • James Brown & Joss Stone


Bomb • New Young Pony Club
Overpowered • Róisín Murphy


I Feel You • Depeche Mode (Helmet At The Helm Mix)
I Feel You • Depeche Mode (Life’s Too Short Mix)
I Feel You • Depeche Mode (Seven Inch Mix)
I Feel You • Depeche Mode (Throb Mix)


7 Heures Du Matin • Jacqueline Taïeb
This Is My Life (Disco Mix) • Shirley Bassey


Cool In The Pool • Holger Czukay
Fizheuer Zieheuer • Villalobos
Hula Saw • Bill Posters
Jazz Break • Richard Hartley
Julie Christie Interview • Julie Christie

Music here Pt 1
Music here Pt 2


Australia • The Shins
Chasing Cars • Snow Patrol
I Love You • The Pipettes
Satellite • Guster
You Got Your Cherry Bomb • The Spoon


Boring • The Pierces


Ceremony • New Order (Marie Antoinette Soundtrack)
Plainsong • The Cure
Playground Love • Air


Beach • Miracle Fortress
Being Boiled (Fast Version) • Human League
Franz Schubert • Kraftwerk
Have You Seen In Your Dreams? • Miracle Fortress
To The East • Electrelane
Tram 21 • Electrelane

Music here


I’m Waiting For My Man • Vanessa Paradis
J’Aime Regarder Les Filles • Patrick Coutin
Marie Douceur (Paint It Black) • Marie Laforêt
Mellow Yellow • Donovan
Paint It Black • Chris Farlowe
Puisque Vous Partez En Voyage • Jacques Dutronc & Françoise Hardy

Music here pt 1
Music here pt 2


Paper Planes • M.I.A


Unfinished Sympathy • Massive Attack


Bamboo Banger • M.I.A
Easy • Trick & Kubic
Perfect • Princess Superstar
Sleep Deprivation • Simian Mobile Disco
Yeah Yeah • Bodyrox


Close To You • The Carpenters


Les Jardins (de l'Bouli) • Lo Moda
Ready To Go • Lo Moda


Bird Flu • M.I.A
Sleeping Beauty • Patrick Wilson
Juju Space Jazz • Brian Eno


Movers & Shakers • Matthew Herbert


Here's a torrent for a very strange Jan Svankmajer film. Most of his stuff is really bizarre and surrealistic and I guess this one is no different.

This is what it says: After enduring a vivid nightmare in which he’s dragged off to an insane asylum, a young man (Pavel Liska) is forced to face his greatest fears in this haunting philosophical horror film from Czech director Jan Svankmajer. A bizarre blend of live action and stop-motion animation, the film is based on the works of the Marquis de Sade and a pair of stories by Edgar Allan Poe, “The Premature Burial” and “The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether.”

Torrent ca 1.1 GB

Fuzz against junk

This is a ten year old track from Nuphonic, and it's striking how modern this sounds. Could be like a remix of a mountain of one... but no no. Country clonk – Fuzz against junk

The evil eye

onsdag 30 januari 2008


This is one of the few times i dont start crying when anthony sings...

Siouxsie & the banshees

Peek-A-Boo (Disco Beard Strobelig)

Thanks to> The nearest far away place blog

tisdag 29 januari 2008


And here's a little pick me up from another favourite Swedish band Dungen. Great as always. Maybe we should do a Dungen festival here on the blog one day. Put up all videos. They're all great! I should get all of these on vinyl actually...

The giallos flame

And here's a nice track from The Giallos Flame from Dc recordings (if they are still on that label) Dark as it should be if your'e on DC but this one mellows out a bit after a while. Good times!

The Giallos Flame-house at the edge of the dark

måndag 28 januari 2008


Here's a torrent for a music film that might be of interest. Sounds good.


"The life and hard times of Guy Terrifico" is the funniest film I've seen all year. I checked it out at Austin's South by Southwest film fest and have been laughing ever since. This crazy little Canadian film is about a mad man country rock star in the 1970's who disappears at the height of his career. 30 years later, an album of duets called "Retribution Honkytonkus" is apparently about to be released with new Guy Terrifico recordings so this documentary crew interviews all his old buddies to see if they think he is alive or not. Did he die or didn't he? I won't spoil the ending but you won't be disappointed. I would describe this film as "This is Spinal Tap" in the country music world. It features Kris Kristofferson, Merle Haggard, Phil Kaufman, Levon Helm & Ronnie Hawkins along for the ride. Lots of funny moments but "Hump the Drum" is my favorite.

Download torrent


Some more relaxing radio stuff from our favourite Kjell Alinge at Elodorado

Listen to Eldorado

Brian Eno

Oh my god I'm tired today, so let's start slow...

Great gig friday, thanks everyone for comming, and thanks to The space between for amazing music.

fredag 25 januari 2008


Ikvæll så blir det spela av. The space between och Stephen Hawkings. 6 dj:s a 45 min, Psykedelisk-kraut-folk-kosmisk-synth-hawaii-industri samt smutsig tysk nu-beat disco och annat suspekt. Vænta er en eklektisk kvæll, och gløm inte dans-skorna.

We will make you use your rythm!

Varmt välkommen!

The space between Stephen Hawkings

Plats: C/O Bar, Jeriko
Tid: 23-03
Entré: 50kr

The osmonds

Well, this seems to be The osmonds version of Hum along and dance by Jackson 5. It has a similar feel and it pretty far out for a couple of pretty nerds. They have done another nice one (I,I,I) but i can't find that one on youtube. Sorry...

torsdag 24 januari 2008

Good copy, bad copy

I found a film the other day about filesharing... zzzzzzzz, I would normaly say, but this is a really nice film with many differnet views on the subject. From sampling laws, the music industry, composers, historians etc. And from countrys like Nigeria, India Usa, Sweden. So check it out. It's about an hour long and in good full screen quality if you stream it from their website, which I suggest you do. You can of course also download.

Good copy, bad copy

Pekka Pohjola - Sekoilu Seestyy

Finnish style shadow sample. Nice!

onsdag 23 januari 2008

From swedish to english

Today I acctaually thought that we should start writing in english. I know that some people in sweden might fint that a bit unpersonal, but we do have some international guests here, and we should be polite to them... right.

Anyhow, let's put up some swedish nostalgia. First a swedish cult band called Made in Sweden with the very famous Tommy Kørberg on vocals. These days Tommy mostly eats expensive fatty food in Stockholm and sings cheesy music, but he used to be a rockstar. Probably one of the first people in sweden to have an cocaine addiction.

And then i found a link to a swedish guy that collects old television clips from sweden. Very nostalgic...

And some modern swedish music that you probably all know about. So f#&%ing good it hurts.

Made in Sweden - We must be crucified

Kristallen den (fina) grymma

Swedish tv nostalgia

More tv here

Studio, West Coast

tisdag 22 januari 2008

Anne Clarke

Our darkness ær en passande titel

Panda bear

Hær e en fin låt som har ett par dagar på nacken... visserligen færre æn de flesta låtarna hær, men det blir lætt så med ny musik. Den tar slut snabbare. Men sen blir den ju gammal så småningom.

måndag 21 januari 2008

Experimentell musikaffär

Va ute en sväng på internet och snubblade på denna on-line skivbutiken. Specialister på väldigt svåråtkomlig och udda musik, för dem som gillar det... och det gör ngn av er hoppas vi. Något för the space between folket kanske?

Kolla in vad han skriver om sin butik:

since 2001, mimaroglu music sales has provided the discerning listener/consumer access to thousands of otherwise hard-to-find recordings of classic & contemporary experimental & electronic music, including drones, electro-acoustic composition & improvisation, field recordings, free jazz, harsh noise, minimalism & modern composition, psychedelia, sound art & poetry, and other assorted/related genres... within these pages, you'll find listings for everything from mass-market vinyl & compact disc releases to private-edition cd-rs & cassettes & the occasional gallery-issue / artists multiple. artists and labels from all over the world are represented; step inside...


Stephen hawkings på fredag 25/1

Fredagen den 25 januari synkroniseras delar av Malmös
klubbavantgarde för en natts interplanetär

The Space Between + Stephen Hawkings =


The Space Between, ett progressivt rum i ordets rätta
bemärkelse. Ett rum att andas i, där ljud och ljus
inte bara siktar på öra och öga.
En klubb som under det gångna året nått allt högre,
djupare och som i detta nu styr mot outforskade delar
av universum

Stephen Hawkings är professor i teoretisk kosmologi. Stephen Hawkings
säger att jorden vi lever på står inför oanade prövningar. Jordens
människor borde förbereda sig inför ett utomjordiskt liv.
Stephen Hawkings hjälper Dig med förberedelserna.

The Space Between Stephen Hawkings bildar ett dj-lag
på inte mindre än sex personer. Vi törs garantera en
unikt eklektisk kväll.

Varmt välkommen!

Plats: C/O Bar, Jeriko
Tid: 23-03
Entré: 50kr

Pink floyd

Tycker att vi som vanligt tar det lite lugnt så hær på måndagsmorgonen. Pink floyd - The great gig in the sky.

fredag 18 januari 2008

Stephen Hawkings mixtape 5 - Longditud & Lattitud

Oj oj oj. Det var ett tag sedan vi gjorde en ny mixtape men hær ær den æntligen. Denna gången blev det en fin mix vid namn Longditud & Lattitud. Om vi ska beskriva den så får det væl bli eklektiskt och lugnande. Njut av denna i det mulna vintervædret med ngt gott att dricka i handen sittandes i den skøna stolen.

Ladda ner mixen hær:Longditud & Lattitud


Joe Meek: I hear a new world
Labratorium: Przjazd / the jurney, I'm sorry, I'm not driver
Per Tjernberg: They call me
Joe speaks
Klas Schultze: Weird caravan
Art of noise: Eye of a needle
Bobby Hutcherson: Gotcha
Holger Czukay: Two bass shuffle
Zeljko Kerleta: Summer's gone
Per Cussion: Night of the healing
America: Hollywood
Shuggie Otis: Freedom flight
Bill Laswell: Hindsight
Santana: Canto de los flores
Joe speaks
The flying pickets: Disco down
Suicide: I surrender
Stanislav Kalitta: Planeta smoka (Tiaz edit)

torsdag 17 januari 2008


Jag (revK) ær ju vældigt svag før alla former av popcorn, och hær ær en remix i dubversion av just popcorn. Skulle æven vilja tillægga att jag dessutom ær en av værldens top 10 på popcornpoppning i kastrull. Inte illa.

Popcorn 1

Popcorn 2

Tack till ARAWA's fina blog!

"world" music

Tinariwen live... och lite interview. Låt nr 2 svænger.

onsdag 16 januari 2008

Simple minds I travel 12 inch mix

Nils nya favoritband... Bra monotona beats och fin fin sång. Vad mer behøver man?

Random underwater video

Psycedelic animals

tisdag 15 januari 2008

The Oscillation

Head Hang Low

Om ni gillar detta så kan ni gå in på posten længre ner och kolla in mixtapes på samuraj fm dær skivbolaget DC recordings har en egen kanal.

The weathermen

En av skivorna som fyndades i helgen... vet fortfarande inte riktigt vad jag ska tycka om den. Den har ju definitivt en del kvalitéer, sen kan man ju alltid gøra saken bættre genom att pitcha ner>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

måndag 14 januari 2008

Rondo veneziano

Idag ær det måndag och først kommer en snutt av energi och animation, sen tar vi det lugnt med pharao sanders "the creator has a masterplan". I orginal ær den ca 28 min (ungefær) men nedan ær en 9 min version. Sov gott på jobbet.

the creator has a masterplan


fredag 11 januari 2008


Hær kommer en lænk till gårdagens Eldorado med Kjell Alinge: ELDORADO

Och sen så har vi en lænk hær till en fin mix med cosmo vitelli från det grymma skivbolaget DC Recordings. Fint så hær på fredagen. Cosmo vitelli radio mix

Och om ni inte kollat in dc recordings så gør det hær

Chis Rea

Time to run yourself a big bath – it’s Chris Rea

torsdag 10 januari 2008

Two in one

Protection _Extended

Runway To Elsewhere

Hær e två fina låtar som jag hittade på internet. Det e ju dær det hænder... Førsta låten ær från Protection, ett Belgiskt syntpop band. Andra låten ær från gøteborgsbandet Pacific! och låter lite secret service-aktigt, which is nice...

onsdag 9 januari 2008

tisdag 8 januari 2008

New order

Fan vilken bra dag det har varit før att hitta låtar att lægga upp hær. Hær kommer en new order låt från en peel session. Låten heter 5 8 6 och har ett riktigt fint sound som vi gillar hær på Stephen hawkings.

New order

Tack till flexx's fina blog!

Mindless boogie

Hær e den nya mindless boogie editen. Denna gången blev det en Wings låt - A pint a day. En fin melodi som e ganska lugn och mjuk. Edit av Woolfy.

Cabaret voltaire

måndag 7 januari 2008


Skidoo: Otto Preminger’s Unreleased Classic

Hittade denna filmen på greylodge. En psykadelisk klassiker verkar det som. Jag har inte sjælv sætt den eller provat att ladda ner den men tænkte att ni kanske kunde vara intresserade.


Læs mer hær på IMDB

Peter Brown

I would love to get funky with you!

Back at work again after the holidays... so let's start with some slow disco to get in the mood again. Wait until 3.05 into the song, then the real nice action begins...

And do you guys want us to write in english? I have seen that we have people in the states, mexico, australia, india and japan that come here? Write a comment if you want english instead of swedish. We mostly write nonsence anyway...And if you're swedish do you want it in english or swedish?

Oh, maybe i can find some kind of voting widget to put on the blog.... let's see.

fredag 4 januari 2008


Vi älskar ju Eldorado här på Stephen Hawkings och vi hoppas på att ni gör det också... så vi tänkte att vi kunde lägga upp en länk till det senaste programmet varje vecka. Lyssna, bli glad och utmanad. Programmet går vanligtvis på Torsdagar 22.30-00 på p2


music for chameleons

alan partridge och gary numan. Två mode och musik ikoner....

torsdag 3 januari 2008

Shuggie otis

Här e en av mina all-time favoriter någonsin. I love you shuggie!

Mer electro nonsens

Ganska klubbigt men det blir riktigt fint på slutet.

Zongamin - AZZAZZA som säkert är från frankrike