måndag 30 juni 2008

Even more country

Ok, this week I will try to post some nice dance music too, but it's so hard these days when we just want to sit outside and drink wine and listen to doobie brothers. So today we present to you relatively clean rivers, great band. Check out some info below.

Relatively clean rivers - easy ride

Relatively Clean Rivers - s/t (Pacific Is, 1976)

Recorded in 1975, this is a west coast psych tour de force that combines elements of vintage Grateful Dead with folk psych and BTL rural rock (in fact, an album like this very clearly illustrates the difference between rural rock and country rock, as it's very clearly Americana-influenced but really has no country reference points. That's one reason the term BTL is useful, it's an umbrella that encompasses both). Phil Pearlman is the singer and songwriter, and plays the lion's share of the instruments. In the '60s he had been behind the legendary psych freakout masters Beat of the Earth, but he started this project sometime in the early '70s. A very California record, this is full of lots of wide open spaces, jangly acoustic-guitar folk-rock tapestries, twangy, reverbed, Garcia-like electric leads, reedy vocal harmonies, and extended songs that achieve a stoned, dreamy feel. Go for the bootleg reissue, as you'll have to mortgage your home to buy an original copy of this self-release. I've read that only 500 copies were originally made and Pearlman "distributed" many of those just by discreetly depositing them around college campuses and record stores unannounced.

torsdag 26 juni 2008

Germany vs Turkey

In this case both are winners. Germany is represented by Reingold and Turkey by Üç Hür El & Kolbastı. Congratulations Germany, Sorry Turkey.

Our lives

Thanks everyone for last night. I had a blast. And we hope you did to.

tisdag 24 juni 2008

Stephen Hawkings Ons 25/6 Debaser

Ja då var det återigen dags för lite stephen time på Debaser. Ons 25/6 kör vi ute och inne, lite flummigt jazzigt etnoaktigt en gång till, samt att vi bjudit in en av Malmös finest, VED. Sjukt fin musik med och av Mathias Nihlén, en av hjältarna bakom The space between. Mathias kommer spela live där inne vid 23 tiden.

Lyssna mer på VED HÄR

Stephen Hawkings & VED live
Onsdag 25/6
Debaser, Norra parkg 2
Gratis innan 22, 40 kr efter.


Pray for rays!

And for you that don't understand swedish, please go and check this guy out. He's from Malmö, Sweden, and will play live at Stephen Hawkings on Wednesday. Yeah! LISTEN HERE

måndag 23 juni 2008

Kind of country

The last weeks have been kind of country. Or rather indie country perhaps. So we thought we'd put up two of those tracks that have been sounding most on the good old stereo system. Fleet foxes that you've probably all heard the ravings about, and yes, it's true, they are amazing, and Bon iver. Don't really know much about them except that they are very good. That's enought. Thanks to Richard Norris for the tracks! Graziaz!



torsdag 19 juni 2008


Here's a track from Brightblack morning light that we've been raving about here. This one has a nice little weird hawaii feel to it. We like! And if you like it, have a look further down, there's a link to their labels website. They should have it both on vinyl and cd.

Thanks to Dansmusen for the files!

tisdag 17 juni 2008

Guest mix: Pistolero

Today we have the pleasure of having a guest mix here at Stephen. A dear friend of mine, Pistolero, have compiled a great mixed mix mix. Some italo, some cosmic, some 80's & some other stuff. Just have a listen. Just have a dance.


If you have any questions for Pistolero, just write us a line and we get you in contact. If you want a guest mix, same then, just email us and we put it up.

måndag 16 juni 2008

Esbjörn Svensson R.I.P

Sadly swedens fines jazz piano player Esbjörn Svensson died at age 44 this weekend in a scubadiving accident. He will be missed by many. Damn it, the good die young

So today we post one of our favourite tracks of the winter in venice album. This one is called Semblance suite 2. Groovy minimal jazz. Almost techno not techno

Bright black morning light

Got a big package of records over the weekend. Yeeesss... And one of the records I got was the 2006 release of Brightblack morning light full Album. And it's so f### great. Like a perfect mix between heroin rock and cinematic orchestra. I will be able to play every single track of this album out this summer. And believe me, I will. The album has been out of print for a while but should be back in stock again. Otherwise check their label: HERE

I haven't found any mp3's to put up, so for now you have to listen to their myspace. Might do a vinyl rip, but we'll see. LISTEN HERE

Erik Burdon & War

fredag 13 juni 2008


Weirdo radio with swedens finest Kjell Alinge. I love this guy. Why isn't more radio like this. All we hear is radio gagga...


tisdag 10 juni 2008

Stephen Hawkings Ons 11/6

I dag är det ju premiär för Stephen hawkings på Debaser i Malmö. Dagen till ära har vi bjudit in våra favoriter Beyond the wizards sleeve från London. Det kommer bli en fin blandning av soft rock, psykedelisk rock, flummig jazz och andra fina bitar som gör att det börjar spritta i benen

Vi ses där!

Stephen Hawkings & Beyond the wizard sleeve


BTWS week

Ok. Today we have another Beyond the wizards sleeve mix for you. This one is live @ gmex in manchester. Looking forward hearng more of this stuff tomorrow!



Beyond Space - Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve
Battlescars (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Demo Re-Animation) - The Chemical Brothers
Words - Unknown (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Edit)
Hey Bulldog- The Beatles (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Edit)
My White Bicycle - Tomorrow
Open My Eyes - The Nazz
Bubble Burst - The Small Faces (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Edit)
Uptight - Reggie Cravens Quartet
The Horror Scope - Unknown (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Edit)
Just Dropped In - Kenny Rodgers and The First Edition
Love Buzz - Shocking Blue
Young Folk (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Re Animation) - Peter Bjorn & John
A House Is Not A Motel - Love (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Edit)
The Witch - The Rattles
Save My Soul - Wimple Winch
See Emily Play - Pink Floyd
Once You Understand - Encounter
Banana Splits Theme - Richie Adams and Mark Barkan

måndag 9 juni 2008

BTWS week

Since we are playing with Beyond the wizards sleeve at Debaser in Malmö on wednesday, we thought it would be a good idea to put up some nice mixes for all the folks out there. So today we start with Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Live At The Zodiac, March 2008. Awesome stuff!

Here's the link


Electric Banana (BTWS Edit) - Electric Prunes
Battlescars (BTWS Re-Animation) - The Chemical Brothers
Be There (A BTWS Announcement)
Million Grains Of Sand - Freak Scene
Granny Takes A Trip - The Purple Gang
Mr Pleasant - The Kinks
She’s About A Mover - Sir Douglas Quartet
Kickabout - Teenage Fanclub
Beyond Space - Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve
Time Of The Season - The Zombies
Losing The Will To Survive (BTWS Re-Animation) - Findlay Brown
Happiness (BTWS Re-Animation) - Goldfrapp
Slip Inside This House - Primal Scream
The Bears Are Coming (BTWS Re-Animation) - Late Of The Pier
Hey Bulldog (BTWS Edit) - The Beatles
Paint It Black - The Love Sitars
Number 1 High (A BTWS Annoncement)
I’m A Man - Wynder K. Frog
Gemini - (A BTWS Annoncement)
Talk Talk - The Music Machine
Colour My Love - Petula Clark
Sunshine Superman - Wynder K. Frog
Aquarius - The Fifth Dimension

onsdag 4 juni 2008

Stephen Hawkings Mixtape 6 - Träd, Gräs, Ost och Stenar

It's been almost three months now since the last mix but here's a link to the brand new Stephen Hawkings mixtape "Träd, gräs, ost och stenar" (Trees, grass, cheese and stones). This time we did a smokin´, slow rock ethno jazzy mix for people sitting on a blanket enjoying the fabulous summer. Enjoy!



Björn J:son Lindh: Abdo
Dr John: I walk on guilded splinters
Donovan: Ferris wheel
Eno: Some of them are old
Peter Gabriel: Shosholoza
Guru Guru: Globertrotter
Phantom band: Latest news
Guy Cuevas: Everywhere is my home
Lauri Anderson: Excellent birds
Pierre moerlen´s´gong: An american in england
Automatic man: One and one
Leon Thomas: Shape your mind to die
Ray Manzarek: Golden scarab
Jukka Tolonen: Silva the cat
Roger Rönning: Det händer bara en gång


Ahh, some white boogie, from Boz scaggs. Funny name. Good summer stuff. This should be easy to pick up and cheap...

tisdag 3 juni 2008


Fuck this is a great track. Currently I'm sitting in my office, looking out at all the naked danish girls riding their bikes past my window. That reminds me, I really need a bike. :-)

Madeleine Chartrand - Ani Kuni

måndag 2 juni 2008

Bloody sabbath

The sabbath is over and we're back at work. Sun is shining, 28 degrees, nothing to complain about here.

Looking for today - Black sabbath

Awesome, almost a bit disco

Swedish balerica

A very cheesy song from a very cheesy swedish move. The song "ingen kan ælska som vi" is no one can love like us translated, kind of.... And for fans of the new ....... #1 single from our favourite guys, you should probably recognise the guitar break from this tune.

Check out HERE

And buy it here while you can