onsdag 23 januari 2008

From swedish to english

Today I acctaually thought that we should start writing in english. I know that some people in sweden might fint that a bit unpersonal, but we do have some international guests here, and we should be polite to them... right.

Anyhow, let's put up some swedish nostalgia. First a swedish cult band called Made in Sweden with the very famous Tommy Kørberg on vocals. These days Tommy mostly eats expensive fatty food in Stockholm and sings cheesy music, but he used to be a rockstar. Probably one of the first people in sweden to have an cocaine addiction.

And then i found a link to a swedish guy that collects old television clips from sweden. Very nostalgic...

And some modern swedish music that you probably all know about. So f#&%ing good it hurts.

Made in Sweden - We must be crucified

Kristallen den (fina) grymma

Swedish tv nostalgia

More tv here

Studio, West Coast

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