onsdag 30 april 2008

Lars Gullin

Here's a little thing on legendary swedish jazz sax player Lars Gullin. This is a live recordings in memory of his 80:th birthday that should be soon. The recordings are from swedish radio P2.

Listen here

And for more info check here (in swedish)

“ Lars Gullin var den förste musiker efter Django Reinhardt som gjorde intryck I USA utan att flytta dit. Gullin har aldrig blivit duplicerad eller överträffad. Hans ledighet och avspändhet, speciellt på 50-talet fick barytonsaxen att kännas som en finkänsligt hanterad tenorsax. Men hans tonbildning var så lätt och ren att den mindre påminde om en tenor än om altsaxofonisten Lee Konitz…..”
Musikerkollegan och trumpetaren Chet Baker utryckte det så här: ” Den ende barytonsaxofonist jag kände till var Gerry Mulligan. När jag hörde Lars tänkte jag – Jesus det finns ett annat sätt att spela baryton! Lars spelade med mycket mer glöd och i vissa avseenden med större auktoritet än Gerry.” Legendariske jazzskribenten Leonard Feather:“ Om han (Lars Gullin) någonsin bestämmer sig för att emigrera till det här landet (USA), skulle jag lägga till at than kommer att skrämma en massa människor, göra en massa skivor och få en massa anhängare”

tisdag 29 april 2008


Concert boy.

A bit fast but in real life we could always pitch it doooown a bit.

torsdag 24 april 2008


Don't forget that stephen hawkings plays records on saturday at Jeriko. Together with Etienne De Crecy at Versus. As usual stephen keeps the bar going strong with the most modern old songs around.

26/4 Lördag

Slow situation

Making an edit these days doesn't seem to be harder than this, so we present you with an old revK "edit". Yazoo situation (slow). It's just piched down about 20%. But that is the correct speed for this track. And it does really work...

onsdag 23 april 2008


Here is this weeks dose of dolphin music. Get out your favourite crystal and sit back and relax. This will be a big album this summer i guess.

Quiet Village Silent Movie

måndag 21 april 2008


Some more psycedellic stuff for you out there. This time zombie zombie. Kind of DC recordings sounding and silver apples and other similar bands. This track is called Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free.

For more info, visit their myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/therealzombiezombie



söndag 20 april 2008

Get ready to fly

From the new Beyond the wizard sleeve record "west" is this fantastic track called Get ready to fly. Nice and psycedellic, just the way we want it. And unfortunately this album is already sold out as far as I know. Only 1000 copies... merde.

Hopefully we will have a chance to see this guys in Malmö this summer.... maybe...maybe

torsdag 17 april 2008

Four tops

Four tops was the first soul group i really got into. Found some records in my parents collection and that started my vinyl addiction, big time. I still think this is great stuff and sometimes i feel a bit sad that my soul records isn't played as much as they deserve. But I'm in a different world is the track that is going to be played at my funeral. No doubt about it.

God bless the four tops!

Up the ladder

supreme supreme track. Just felt like a bit of soul today. And this is one of my favourite supremes tracks.

I wanna suck your......

I love this track. So cheesy but still good.The, I wanna suck your....ohhhhhhh kicks ass. And it works great on dance floors. On the 12" there's a different version on the flipside that is a bit more punk funkish with less song. Don't know whitch one i prefer.

onsdag 16 april 2008

Swedish Progg

Here are some tracks from swedish prog bands that were quite big here in sweden. Political, some of them, some not as much. But great music anyway. On top of that we put up a torrent for a swedish documentary on Progg. It's in swedish and from 2001 I think. Very good stuff. And even if you don't understad swedish there are plenty of music clips.

Torrent can be downloaded here

Pugh love love love

Pugh - här kommer natten

Hoola Bandola Band - Keops pyramid

John Holm - Maria, många mil och år från här

tisdag 15 april 2008

Bu Bu sex

Bu bu sex is better than no sex at all.

söndag 13 april 2008


A spoof band from a cult swedish movie called "G". Originally called the band was called reperbahn. Great track anyhow. Very simple minds. The title "hundrana brinner" would be the dogs are on fire translated.

Pas de deux

Here's a nice dance film from Norman McLaren, the famous animator.

For more info check here

He's back!

Finally some new stuff from favourite Jamie Lidell.

fredag 11 april 2008

Finlands sak är vår

Some finnish old tango for the friday afternoon. It's very strange that they are so into Tango in Finland. And that they have their own finnish version of it. Very far from Argentina. But anyhow. I love this stuff and I would love to get a band for our next party.

torsdag 10 april 2008


Here's a torrent for a documentary about john waters and divine called Divine Trash. A great film maker and this film focuses on the early years. So check it out. I haven' downloaded this my self yet, so i can't comment on quality. Hopefully good.

Thank's to greylodge.org


Kenny's condition

A young and surprisingly hip kenny rogers.

onsdag 9 april 2008

tisdag 8 april 2008

Stop banjon

Here's a classic italo track for you. Here in mexico banjo means toilet....

måndag 7 april 2008


Some tequila in my coffey to start up my day


Some jazz in my coffey to start up my day

But just a short one...

fredag 4 april 2008

torsdag 3 april 2008


of love. Loves it. Check out fat boy slim singing.

Smooth jazz santana

Smooth summer music from our main man santana. From the album Moonflower. Should be around 20 swedish kronor.


Ozo - Anambra. Classic old slow disco track. re released on a 12 inch not to long ago.

onsdag 2 april 2008


Great stuff! Almost as nice as beer... with cheese