måndag 30 mars 2009


There was a great jazz concert on swedish television a few days ago. Bohuslän big band with Avishai Cohen. You should have a listen: HERE The language is swedish, but the music is international.


Kevin Ayers - The one chance dance

I don't really know what this is, something late 60's I suppose. I got it on saturday and I really like this song. I guess all these soft guitars songs that we started to post again must be a sign of spring. It's almost time to take out and dust off the balearic again...

torsdag 26 mars 2009

Made in Sweden - Saucery

Awesome Swedish progrockjazzfusion. Some more info on them HERE (in swedish)

Al Stewart - Ivich

This album I acctually found at my parents house. Al Stewarts first and a really nice song!

måndag 23 mars 2009

revK mix

revK has a new mix up at local malmö music blog "samtidig i malmö". It's a slow one this time, so head on over and listen.


The Edge - One foot in heaven

Yes, it's that the edge! The one from U2. This is of a soundtrack he did for a film called Captive. Soo good. Why can't he do more of this stuff and less of the U2 stuff...

onsdag 18 mars 2009

Divine - Native Love ( instrumental version)

Went to Gothenburgh this weekend to celebrate a friends 30:th. Nice one! Got some new records and this was one. Awesome album. Not a single bad track. Produced by bobby orlando.


onsdag 11 mars 2009

Krush - Jack's Back

Some moody british oldschool house from 89. I like!

tisdag 10 mars 2009

måndag 9 mars 2009

Van Morrison - rave on john donne/rave on part two

Van the man! This is one of those nice tracks that would be the perfect last song on an outdoor summer party when the sun is rising.

onsdag 4 mars 2009

Hazel Dean - Searchin' (I Gotta find a man) instr

This one I found in the same place as the one from yesterday. Only 5 kr. Nice italo:ish disco

Bohannon - Don't leave me

Today we have spring in Malmö. It feels great. Sun is shining a couple of degrees "warm". If you don't live in a nordic climate you have no idea how good it feels. Although... there will be a final cold spell for sure.

Found this yesterday at the local thriftshop for 5 kr

tisdag 3 mars 2009

För er som kan svenska

Har lyssnat en del på Kjell Ahlinges nya program serie "Om musik" på P2. Här är en länk till hans samtal med Titiyo. Radio när den är som bäst.


Arvid Holm Tropical Thunder playlist

We had some requests on a playlist on the wonderful mix from arvid. So here it is. I'll post the mix here again so you can listen. Great!

The Grid – Floatation
Maureen Walsh – Thinking of you (dreaming of you)
Sheer taft – Cascades (Hypnotone Mix)
Claude Denjean – Kiss this
Ad Visser & Daniel Sahuleka - Giddyap a gogo
Trans Global Underground - Master Mute
Alisha – Stargazin (Beatbox Remix)
The why not – Ghedaffi (Instrumental, 33 rpm)
Future World Orchestra – Mister Y
Supertramp – School
Connie Case - Get down
Mandy Smith - I just can't wait
E.T.M.S. – Sounds of humanoid Kind
Fancy - Come inside
Vivien Vee – Blue Disease

Good news for music lovers!

Muzac has filed for bankruptcy