tisdag 26 februari 2008

darlene Love

I love love, and I love this song. So why not...

Amazingly, Darlene Love, a superb vocalist, hasn't had much of a track record as a solo singer, at least not in terms of hits. Love was a founding member of the Blossoms in 1957. They did several sessions and were resident singers on the television show Shindig. Love sang lead vocals on "He's a Rebel," which was credited to the Crystals, and "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah," which was issued as Bob B. Soxx and the Bluejeans. She cut six singles for Spector's Phillies label, with "Wait Till My Bobby Gets Back Home" the most successful.

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Anonym sa...

That is not Darlene Love in the picture - it is the equally wonderful Brenda Holloway. :-)