torsdag 18 september 2008

Morgan Geist interview

From the latest FACT mag, here's an interview with Morgan Geist of Metro Area. He talks about his latest album and some other stuff...

This week sees the release of Double Night Time, the terrific new album by Morgan Geist. It's the New York-based producer's first solo LP in over a decade, his attentions having been focussed on running Environ Records, home to Kelley Polar and Metro Area, the acclaimed production duo Darshan Jesrani and Geist himself. Featuring vocals by Junior Boys' Jeremy Greenspan, Double Night Time finds Geist exploring traditional song-form as well as the deep electronic textures with which he made his name.

FACT caught up with this modern-day disco innovator in Queens late last month. Here's what he had to say for himself...

read it HERE

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