tisdag 3 mars 2009

Arvid Holm Tropical Thunder playlist

We had some requests on a playlist on the wonderful mix from arvid. So here it is. I'll post the mix here again so you can listen. Great!

The Grid – Floatation
Maureen Walsh – Thinking of you (dreaming of you)
Sheer taft – Cascades (Hypnotone Mix)
Claude Denjean – Kiss this
Ad Visser & Daniel Sahuleka - Giddyap a gogo
Trans Global Underground - Master Mute
Alisha – Stargazin (Beatbox Remix)
The why not – Ghedaffi (Instrumental, 33 rpm)
Future World Orchestra – Mister Y
Supertramp – School
Connie Case - Get down
Mandy Smith - I just can't wait
E.T.M.S. – Sounds of humanoid Kind
Fancy - Come inside
Vivien Vee – Blue Disease

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Anonym sa...

Great to see someone remembering two of creation records best bands. Shear Taft who released one great lp and Hypnotone who released two for creation and also done several great mixes, one half of which was also in Interstella, they also discovered Denise Johnson!

Search and enjoy! Englishman with Dog