måndag 16 juni 2008

Bright black morning light

Got a big package of records over the weekend. Yeeesss... And one of the records I got was the 2006 release of Brightblack morning light full Album. And it's so f### great. Like a perfect mix between heroin rock and cinematic orchestra. I will be able to play every single track of this album out this summer. And believe me, I will. The album has been out of print for a while but should be back in stock again. Otherwise check their label: HERE

I haven't found any mp3's to put up, so for now you have to listen to their myspace. Might do a vinyl rip, but we'll see. LISTEN HERE

4 kommentarer:

Dansmusen sa...

Bra skit det där..har det på mp3 om suget finns

Emil Broomé, Harry White & revK sa...

jag tänkte mest om man skulle lägga upp en låt på bloggen. Så om du vill skicka den... great!

Dansmusen sa...


Emil Broomé, Harry White & revK sa...


Tack så mycket. Lägger upp en låt snarast!