onsdag 4 juni 2008

Stephen Hawkings Mixtape 6 - Träd, Gräs, Ost och Stenar

It's been almost three months now since the last mix but here's a link to the brand new Stephen Hawkings mixtape "Träd, gräs, ost och stenar" (Trees, grass, cheese and stones). This time we did a smokin´, slow rock ethno jazzy mix for people sitting on a blanket enjoying the fabulous summer. Enjoy!



Björn J:son Lindh: Abdo
Dr John: I walk on guilded splinters
Donovan: Ferris wheel
Eno: Some of them are old
Peter Gabriel: Shosholoza
Guru Guru: Globertrotter
Phantom band: Latest news
Guy Cuevas: Everywhere is my home
Lauri Anderson: Excellent birds
Pierre moerlen´s´gong: An american in england
Automatic man: One and one
Leon Thomas: Shape your mind to die
Ray Manzarek: Golden scarab
Jukka Tolonen: Silva the cat
Roger Rönning: Det händer bara en gång

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